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 Special Event


The State of Research communicated by Young Researchers


September 21-22-23

Donatella PAOLINO,
 University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro 
Marta FEROCI & Leonardo MATTIELLO, Sapienza University of Rome

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NanoInnovation has always tried to promote science and research at all levels, to encourage exchanges between universities, research institutions and companies, to facilitate participation of early stage researchers in the scientific world, to support their careers and promote mentorship activities. For these reasons, thanks to the collaboration with University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro and Sapienza University of Rome, the third edition of the special event “YoungInnovation - The State of Research communicated by Young Researchers” will take place on September 21-22-23 to underline its importance and to reserve even more space for the contributions of young researchers in this field.

Today science, technology and innovation are the engine of development all over the world. In a complex and fast-changing world, researchers can contribute to face all big challenges ahead. For this reason, new generations of researchers and scientists are key to world future development.

The three-days event will host a series of symposia where the state of research will be presented by young researchers (< 35 years old), who daily work in laboratory to produce innovation. The aim of YoungInnovation is to communicate the current status of the research. In particular, very innovative aspects will be analysed, ranging from life science to material science with a particular focus on personalized medicine, microscopy techniques (AFM, TERS, SERS), micro and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, advanced manufacturing and quantum technologies. The special event will be completed and enriched with plenary scientific lectures, consisting in lectio magistralis held by “Senior Scientists” who will give a roadmap on the topics developed in the daily symposia.

The event meets the need to encourage the exchange of ideas and to support young researchers in their activities. This will be the place where young researchers will be able to discuss science and meet their colleagues in attendance.

September 21

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